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Old World Tyres 

Tyres, Tubes and Rustbands

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Tyres for your Veteran, Vintage, Classic & Hot Rod

Old World Lamps & Tyres is a 100% Australian Owned Company. We source tyres from all over the world and do our best to retail them to our fellow enthusiasts at a very competitive price. We have a very strong relationship with Lucas tyres, in the US. They make and supply a large range of tyres including tyres with the original Australian and Olympic & Dunlop tread patterns. 

We stock a large number of tyres sizes and can readily supply a huge ranger of tyres from 10" through to 37"" in both Cross Ply and Radial format.

We specialise in Australian Tread patterns for older cars, primarily the original Australian Olympic & Dunlop treads sourced from Lucas Tyres. Hot Rod Tyres and wheels tailored to you specifications are an item we pride ourselves on being able to assist you with, so please email us or give Russell a call 1300 854 324.


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