1902 Elmore

Very rare vehicle, possible the oldest Elmore known, and quite possibly the oldest surviving 2 cylinder 2 stoke American vehicle in existence. Originally delivered to Hampton Square, New Jersey in July 1902, 12 hp, 2 cylinder, two stroke, 3 speed plantery transmission, the car remained in the same family until 1964 and has only had 3 owners (including us) since restoration in 1967. This  vehicles was regularly toured until shortly after it successfully complete the . This runabout is a cracker! $$ PoA

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Below you will see a collection of Cars, Car parts and Accessories, most prominent is the Veteran or Brass era inventory, though some modern stuff always sneaks in.

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1916 Buick

This fantastically original model D45 touring car with its very rare California Camping Body underwent a "1950's" restoration. A very strong runner, it is mechanically complete and original, riding well on its 115" wheel base, it travels well down the road. It also needs a new top but retains all its original bows & irons in good condition. Currently on NSW Club rego (not transferable)

$A39,000 ono.

1908 Sears

This very complete Model H Sears is an excellent candidate for a high quality restoration. Recently taken out of long term storage in Virginia, it is very complete mechanically with its original body. It would make a wonderful High Wheeler for the Bi Annual High Wheeler Tour or any 1 & 2 cylinder Tour


1909 Cadillac Speedster, This is a good basis for a fast veteran, many parts already sand blasted and ready for restoration, original bucket style seats, speedster cowl, and monocle windscreen $A26,000

1902 Rambler

Very correct, original, older restoration, stored for many years, VCC Dated #2120 1996 & 97 London to Brighton entrant. Formerly of the Micheal Rothschild collection, this very original cars shows it age but is one of the most correct examples of the 1st production Ramblers. $A95,000

Old World Lamps and Tyres 

1916 Cadillac

This late 1916 Seven passenger tourer is a wonderful older restoration from a very high end collection on the east coast of the USA. Complete with full side curtains and a boot for the top in the fold position, this is a wonderful example of the early production V8's which Cadillac were famous for. $A85,000

1913 Rambler Cross Country This fabulous 5 passenger touring cars is 42hp 4 cylinder, 318ci, 120" wheel base and a great touring car. Sitting on correct 27" wheels it is a 30+ years old restoration that still presents well. We were fortunate to have the Rambler re-commissioned and use it on the Grizzly Bear, HCCA National Yosemite & Bakersfield Tours. It has long legs and is a 50 mile an hour car with nimble steering. $A95,000

1906 Renault

This Renault is one of only 2 AH Models known to have survived, not the prettiest or most powerful  Renault ever made but very rare. Started right up after years of slumber. $A65,000

1938 Chev Tourer

One of the rarest Chev's in the world, olny 4 known to exist. This body style was only produced by Holden in Australia and very few of the 1938's were produced, it was Holden's last year for the Tourer. It is virtually the same as our 1937 Tourer which can be viewed on the "about us" page but in its un-restored condition, believe it or not our was in much worse condition when we first started it! Very rare car saved from being hot rodded, in needs of total restoration, $A8,000

Coming soon

  • 1909 Black High Wheeler

  • 1925 Cadillac Coupe

  • 1911 Cadillac

  • 1906 Cadillac Runabout




Thomas Flyer 1904 through 1909 any model, any condition. Also any literature, photos or information


Rambler, Maytag, Fuller, Glide or any other unusual "2 banger" 1900 through 1910. 2 cylinder horizontally opposed for restoration or would consider older restoration.  Also any literature, photos or information


Car Parts


E R Thomas 1902 / 03model 17 or 18 parts literature, photos or information


La Salle 1934 model 350 parts, tail light lenses and literature, photos or information

1887 - 1904 Haynes Apperson, parts & literature

            1905 Glide 2 cylinder parts & literature

            1915 Chevrolet baby Grand, parts & literature

           1905 - 08 Cadillac 4 cylinder - models D (1905) H & L (1906-1908)

            & Model G (1907- 08) parts & literature


Old Auto accessories



Warner Auto Meter Coke Bottle style 60mph, with trip meter & drive

gear, any condition.

 Warner Auto Meter tacko meter 3000 rpm & drive gear, any condition.

 Warner Auto Meter clock to suit coke bottle speedo any condition.

 Grade Meters brass preferred, circia 1900 - 1910