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This is a constant up date Tours we are planning and have recently completed.


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2019 HCCA International tour

We are proud to announce that we are running an International tour for all pre 1916  vehicles in Bathurst, NSW August 30th - September 6th 2019. 

With the support of Bathurst Regional Council, the headquarters for the event will be the famous Mt Panorama Raceway, utilising its pit area and corporate facilities. Information will be posted on a tour web page in the next couple of months however in the meantime you can download the expression of interest form and Newsletters below, just click on the PDF icon to view.

Trips and Tours

2018 has started at a frantic pace with 2 US trips and several local tours its been a very busy and exciting year for us, with more tours than ever and a few interesting trips as well. Up coming trips & Tours:



  • HCCA National Tour by the Sea New Port Rhode Island, USA


  • National Veteran Rally Forbes, NSW


  • Annual Hershey Swap meet, Hershey Pennsylvania, USA

  • Hershey Hang Over Tour, Pennsylvania, USA


  • Bendigo Swap

  • MotorFest Mudgee


February - HCCA National Convention & Cruse to Cuba

March 15th - 7th Chickasha Pre War Swap Chickasha Oklahoma

April 12th - 15th Bakersfield Swap, Bakersfield California

August 30th - September 6th, HCCA International Tour, Bathurst, NSW,


I'm not sure where I'll get any time to work in all this, but there are 24 hours in a day!

Touring the USA, We travel to the USA regularly to re-new both business and personal contacts and pursue vehicles for clients and sometimes our selves.

2018 Check back soon for up dates on the recent Grizzly Bear, HCCA National Yosemite & Bakersfield Tours. in our 1913 Rambler Cross Country

2015 We had such a great time in 2014, Rob & I decided to do it all again this time with our families. So I purchased the 1909 Cadillac that was an older restoration an had some work completed on it with the assistance of Alan Kelso in Pennsylvania and we shipped it to Long Beach for the tour. The Caddy did not do as well as the Cole did but was still a great car and we are again looking forward to doing more tours in the US.

I did have the pleasure of driving Alan Travis's 1904 Mitchell, Mitchell's were produced by the Lewis & Mitchell Company (later the Mitchell Motor Co) Alan's is the oldest Mitchell known to exist which Alan purchased for the Lewis family after they had seen what he had done with the fine racing Mitchell he restored and that fact that he uses his cars which they appreciated. Alan kindly offered for me to drive the Mitchell to a HCCA display & lecture day at the Porterville college, which was a real joy

My US friends are trying to convince us we should participate in the 2016 great race coast to coast, something we are heavily considering. Stay tuned for more up date or email me to anticipate on a tour?

2014  A few years back my friend Rob Duffy and I participated in the 2014 Grizzly Bear Tour in California before moving to Bakersfield for the one day tour and swap it was our first experience in driving a Veteran (horseless carriage) on US roads and whilst we did have some troubles and learned a lot the fellowship and assistance our friends and Horseless Carriage members provided was nothing short of wonderful. We had the 1915 production 1916 Model Cole V8 Coupe for the rally and that was really great!